A.B.A.T.E. University 2022 Raffle Winners

                  Prize              Winner                     Location          Sold by:

1st Place:  $20,022         Brian Payne              Cyrus, MN        Kinger of Glacial Ridge Chapter

2nd Place: Motorcycle    Mishawn Humme          ?                  Tim Sandland

3rd Place: $5,000            Erin Eckwright          Wells, MN         Jim G of Flatlanders Chapter

4th Place:  $2,022           Charles Welter III     St. Cloud, MN    Keith Jacobs

5th Place:  $2,022           Jon Hoyme               Carlos, MN        Scott Larson of Freedom First Riders Chapter

6th Place:  $1,000           Randy Zollner           Winthrop, MN    Bob Olson of River Valley Chapter

7th Place:  $1,000           Danny Olsen             Pine City, MN    Liz of Jack Pine Riders Chapter