Act Now to Support Motorcycle Safety Training in MN (HF1232)

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HF 1232 to be heard in the House Transportation Committee on Tuesday - Act Now.

A.B.A.T.E of MN has strongly supported motorcycle safety training for decades. Due to a reduction in the number of new riders and the aging of the motorcycling demographic, training class enrollment in Minnesota is declining. Some training facilities find that rider training classes are not able to operate at a cost effective level. The result of this could be closing or consolidating some rider training locations, adding additional travel distance for many students. To reduce the risk of a diminished rider training product, ABATE of Minnesota supports a small fee increase in motorcycle permit applications and license renewals. The permit fee will rise a few dollars and the license renewal fee to keep your motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license will rise from $13 per renewal to $17 per renewal. This fee is paid every four years when a drivers license is renewed. While the dollar amounts are small, multiplied by the 420,000 people who have this endorsement will mean that motorcycle rider training will continue to be a local option. This proposal will also benefit motorist awareness of motorcyclists programs.

The motorcyclists of Minnesota ask you to please support HF1232.