Help Wanted - State Office Administrator Position Opening

After 14 years of awesome service, Liz Herzog has decided to retire from her position as State Office Administrator. 

We will be accepting applications for this position beginning immediately until May 10th.

Applicants should be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and Access.

Job duties include:

Telephone answering, establish and maintain regular office hours. Provide mailing service for State Officers, reproduce correspondences for State Officers. Copy and forward to appropriate person all material addressed to them as Organizational business. Assist State Secretary in distribution of information, B.O.D. minutes, etc.

Make copies, labels, and help with mailing if requested. Provide a network base for communication and correspondence within and outside of the organization. Make bank deposits when necessary.

Process memberships, maintain membership roster and distribute lists as needed. Provide support for distribution of membership cards, forward membership information and mailing labels for Road Noise publisher.

Maintain the official copy of the A.B.A.T.E. Policy and Procedure manual. Maintain a file of Board of Director's (B.O.D.), Chapter and State Committee minutes.

Comply with all requirements and responsibilities of the A.B.A.T.E. of Minnesota, Inc. Disaster Recovery plan.  Accept other duties/responsibilities as assigned by State Coordinator.

Please submit resumes to