Road Guard Law Takes Effect August 4th


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More than 400 Minnesotans Trained, Ready to Road Guard for Group Rides


ST. PAUL — Certified motorcycle “road guards” will be able to stop and control traffic for large motorcycle group-rides in Minnesota beginning August 4.   The Motorcycle Road Guard Law, passed by the legislature and signed into law in 2012, is designed to help motorists and motorcyclists safely share the road during group rides.


The law requires road guards to:

  • Successfully complete a driving record review and a training course to receive a motorcycle road guard certificate.
  • Meet safety and equipment standards outlined in the law.
  • Only act as a flagger for group rides with 20 motorcycles or more.
  • Notify each statutory or home rule charter city through which the ride is traveling.
  • Receive consent from the chief of police of city of the first class through which the ride is traveling.


Drivers stopped by a certified road guard must obey the flagger’s instructions and stay stopped until they are given the “all clear” signal from a flagger or police officer. Road guards are not allowed to hold traffic for longer than 10 minutes.


More than 400 Minnesotans have passed the Department of Public Safety Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center Road Guard Training Course. The Road Guard Training Course is $30 and is offered through October. Visit to register or find more information.