Prescott, WI Announces Project Respect

The City of Prescott, Wis., in cooperation with the Saint Croix Valley Riders, local business owners and the Police Department, is pleased to announce "Project Respect," an effort to reduce traffic congestion, parking issues and improve compliance with city ordinances during all community events. This project will debut during the Flood Run on Saturday, April 17.


"This project is based on mutual respect. We respect the rights of motorcyclists who visit our city during runs and rides, and, in exchange, we ask motorcyclists to respect our ordinances on parking, alcohol use, speed and loud, unnecessary noise," said Chief of Police Mike R. Bondarenko.


"My department supports the rights of motorcyclists to ride safe and sober. We thank you for all you have done for the charities you have supported with your rides and runs," Chief Bondarenko continued. "We appreciate your support of our local businesses and welcome you to visit our city at the confluence of the beautiful Mississippi and Saint Croix Rivers."


The city will make available overflow downtown parking within easy walking distance of the downtown businesses you patronize during the runs. Law enforcement will patrol these parking areas. Signs and volunteers will help direct you to these additional parking areas.


"We ask that you ride safe and sober, park legally, refrain from loud, unnecessary acceleration and obey traffic laws," Chief Bondarenko concluded. "If we all work together to meet these goals, which are in everyone's best interests, you will enjoy a safe ride through our city and the people of Prescott will continue to welcome and support your right to ride. Thank you for your cooperation."