Post Your Comments on the Definition of a Motorcycle

The federal government is accepting comments on the definition of a motorcycle in lieu of updating the vehicle identification numbering system to comply with soon to be revised ISO standards. This would be an excellent forum for ABATE members to address concerns about the moped/motorcycle standards or the issue of what I call the "Frankenstein motorcycles", those contraptions that have covered roofs, steering wheels, and windshield wipers, but only have three wheels to skirt the federal definition of an automobile. We have discussed these "hybrids" at ABATE Board of Directors meetings in the past and there was some frustration on how to change the terminology. This is your chance to comment.
To do so, go to, click on "submit a comment" , enter FHWA-2010-0010 in the "Enter keyword or ID" box", and click search. Look under "Action" on the right hand side, then click "Submit a Comment"
Rome wasn't built in a day and these regulations will not change overnight. But if we don't address them here, they may never change. The deadline for submissions is June 21, 2010.
Call or email and I will help any way I can. See you soon,
Mack Backlund
State coordinator