ABATE of MN's Motorcycle Awareness Bill Introduced in MN Legislature

January 11, 2017


Todd Riba
Legislative Director
ABATE of Minnesota



Motorcycle Awareness Bill Introduced

American Bikers for Awareness, Training, and Education of Minnesota (ABATE of MN) today is announcing the introduction of our “Motorcycle Awareness Bill” in the Minnesota Legislature. This is a three part bill that will help promote ABATE of Minnesota's mission of safer riding and driving that will benefit all motorcycle riders in Minnesota.

The first part of the bill offers a premium reduction of at least 10% on motorcycle insurance coverage to riders that successfully complete a state approved motorcycle safety course. ABATE of MN believes that rider education leads to greater crash reduction and safer roads for motorcyclists and other road users.

The second part calls for the creation of a “Start Seeing Motorcycles” license plate that would be available for motorcycles, automobiles, pick-ups and recreational vehicles. The proceeds from the sale of these plates will go into the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Fund that promotes rider education, public awareness of motorcyclists, and safer riding.

The last part of the bill is related to motorcycle endorsement fees. Motorcycle riders in Minnesota pay an additional fee to have a motorcycle endorsement. A portion of these fees are credited to the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Fund up to $750,000. After that cap is reached only 90% goes into the motorcycle safety fund. The other 10% goes into the general fund. Over the last three years this cap has been reached and the 10% has equaled roughly $20,000 per year. This is a significant amount of motorcyclist’s money that would be better disbursed by the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Fund than the state general fund.

ABATE of Minnesota strongly believes that passage of this bill would benefit all motorcycle riders in Minnesota by promoting rider education, motorist awareness, and crash avoidance. ABATE of Minnesota would like to thank Representative Jim Nash of Waconia for introducing HF 122 and Senator Mary Kiffmeyer of Big Lake for introducing SF 77.

Members of the motorcycling community will gather at the State Capitol on January 25th for ABATE of Minnesota's Bikerday at the Capitol to discuss this bill and other motorcycle rights and safety issues.