2021 Bikerday Update

Considering the current large group gathering restrictions in Minnesota, we must face the possibility that the State Capitol complex may be closed to the public for some time into the future. ABATE of Minnesota is expecting that the 2021 Bikerday at the Capitol, scheduled for January 20th, may need to be rescheduled or cancelled. At this time we do not know how Covid related regulations will affect the 2021 Minnesota legislative session. This will be decided in early January.

ABATE of Minnesota may plan an alternate legislative day based on the information we receive in early January. We recognize this is a larger inconvenience for some than for others, especially those who have to arrange vacation schedules in advance and those that have to travel great distances.

Because it is very difficult to make firm plans for our most important event of the year, we ask that each member be on alert. When Bikerday is rescheduled, it will be on short notice. If the Capitol is open but not allowing large groups to gather, we may ask members to schedule appointments and make the trip on their own. We also ask that you reach out to your legislators with a letter, an email, a phone call and possibly by making personal contact at a location near your home.

2021 will be the first year of a new biennium so all bills will need to be introduced or re-introduced and bill numbers assigned. When you contact your legislators please let them know the issues we will be addressing are similar to last session:

1- Oppose changes to the Minnesota motorcycle helmet law.

2- Oppose mandatory uninsured and underinsured requirements for motorcyclists.

3- Sales tax relief for collector motorcycles and motorcycles over ten years old, similar to that provided for collector vehicles and other vehicles over ten years old.

4- Curtail Proļ¬ling of Motorcyclists.

Although an adjustment to motorcycle endorsement fees would provide needed funding for motorcycle training we realize that now may not be the appropriate time to address this issue.

We will do our best to keep you informed as quickly as possible if and when the situation changes and with additional legislative updates.

Thank you for your support of ABATE of Minnesota,

Jane Doyle

State Coordinator, ABATE of MN