2010 Motorcycle Safety Conference

2010 Motorcycle Safety Conference 
When: Saturday, February 27, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Where: Saint Paul College, 317 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota  55102
Cost: $45
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The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center and Saint Paul College proudly bring you the 2010 Motorcycle Safety Conference. The conference will feature a variety of topics of interest to motorcycle riders, such as new training opportunities, trends in motorcycle safety, group riding, age and riding ability, riding strategy, vision and conspicuity, basic motorcycle maintenance, and an open forum with the state's motorcycle safety advisory committee. Come join us and start your riding season off right!

Conference Topics:

1. What's New? Over coffee and rolls, learn about advanced training opportunities available in Minnesota, including sidecar/trike courses, civilian motor-officer training, the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic, cornering seminars available at the Dakota County Technical College driving course, and more.

2. Group Riding. This workshop discusses how to have fun and stay safe when riding in a group. Topics include organizing rides, preparation, the rider's meeting, hand signals, formation riding, intersections, and parking.

3. Seasoned Rider. As you age, your riding ability changes in subtle ways. This session is a must for riders 40 and older. Topics include judgment, vision, reaction time, motor skills, strategy, and more.

4. Street Smarts. This session answers the question, "What do expert riders know that average riders don't?" Learn the three keys to riding safely and avoiding crashes. Topics include attitude, hazard awareness, riding strategy, riding skills, and protective gear.

5. See and Be Seen. Good visual skills are a rider's most important tool. Being highly visible will reduce surprises on the road. Topics include vision, perception, conspicuity, tips, products, strategies, and resources.

6. MMSAC Open Forum. The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee provides input to the State of Minnesota on motorcycle issues. This session is a panel discussion for riders to interact and share ideas with committee members.

7. Motorcycle Maintenance. Ideal for new riders or people who want to learn basic motorcycle maintenance. Learn pre-ride inspection, preventative maintenance, repairs on the road, troubleshooting, and winterization. This course is four hours long.

8. The State of Motorcycle Safety. During lunch, learn state and national developments in motorcycle safety, and what they mean to the individual rider. Topics include crash facts and statistics, trends, problem areas, contributing factors, and recommended solutions.
Register online using a credit card at the Saint Paul College Web site, or mail the registration form and a check to the college. The fee is $45 and includes light breakfast and lunch.

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